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Carroll Shelby
Mr. Shelby was born on January 11, 1932 in Leesburg Texas. He had passed away May 10, 2012 in Dallas Texas. Mr. Shelby’s wife Jeanna Fields had lived through 1943- 1960. His three children names are Michael Hall, Sharon Anna Shelby, and Patrick Burt. Mr. Shelby had gone to wood row Wilson High school. He had suffered a valve leakage at the age of 7. He had spent most of his childhood in bed. By the age of 14 Mr. Shelby had outgrown his health problems. Mr. Shelby had to deal with his health problems throughout his life. He was talking medicine as he was racing the cars. He Later had a heart transplant. Mr. Shelby became a driver for Cad-Allude, Austin Martin and Maserati teams. He was entered in many races and has set world records at many of the tracks he had raced at. He had also raced in the 24 hour Lemans in 1952 driving the Austin Martin. He was known for the AC Shelby he drove which Ford had packed a v8 into his car. He had retired his career in 1959 because of his health problems that he was facing. Mr. Shelby had opened a performance driving school. Many people have attended this performance driving school. He also was the designer of the Ford GT Mustang. As he passed away the company still produces the Mustang and lives up to name. Mr. Shelby inspired many people.

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Mr. Carroll Shelby’s was one of the manliest men to ever be alive “Miller”. Before Carroll was 30 years old he was one of the best drivers in the world “Lamas”. He was a guy who had once made overalls look cool and he had got them in fashion ”Miller” He was also known as one of the first people to shake the wine bottle and have a victory spray “Miller”. Mr. Shelby invented he AC Cobra in his dreams, he did this by keeping a pencil by his side and know he had written the worlds and ideas on his paper “Miller”. He then made the Cobra named the Super Snake which to him was a rocket ship “Lamas” He was known for making very powerful cars because of the v8 he would put in the Cobras. Mr. Shelby quote was “ I’ve worked with the SVT guys for several years now, and I know they have the guts the talent, and the passion to deliver the best Mustangs ever” “Lamas” Mr. Shelby Spent hundreds of hours with the Ford engineers say that a little bit of Carroll is in every Mustang that will be produced in the next 50 years “Truett”. He was known for massive power in his Mustang that he would help create in the production of all Shelby Cobra’s “Truett”. Shelby helped build the 2005 Ford GT to celebrate the company’s 100th anniversary “Miller”

Mr. Shelby

Mr. Shelby is a longtime innovator for the Ford Company. For Mr. Shelby and Ford had a very song connection between them (Eve p). He was known as a man to change motor sports because he was known to set record lap times (Eve p). He is a lesion to many people that look up to him because of his racing career (Eve p). He had designed cars with the Ford Company known as the Ford Shelby. It had been a return of their 45th Anniversary (Eve p).
The Fords were soon named the Ford GT Shelby. The Fords were named Shelby because of its outstanding performance that it gave (Eve p). “In every Mustang with worn strips is a 427 under the hood” (Eve P). He had a big reputation and a very big inspiration to many other people who raced and owned Mustangs. Mr. Shelby had raced a Shelby with a very light body and a big v8 power engine under the hood (Eve p). His design Inspired many other companies with the light power and big engine. This had been a big change for the Ford Company and the cars they make (Eve p) this had been a big jump for the Ford Shelby because it had big competition with the rivals of super cars (Eve p).
Shelby had produced several high performance mustangs (Churchill). Shelby once said “Driving race cars was an avenue for me to learn how to build my own car and that was my ambition all long” (Churchill).

He is Perhaps know for all the Shelby Cobras and Shelby Mustangs (Healey). From his efforts in hot rodding, Shelby influenced how auto makers about performance and handling (Healey). To many people he was a big hero. He said " I've had a good run, I've build allot of things that worked and didn't work" (Healey). He had really bad health problems. He built mustangs that were able to bet exotic cars (Healey). He was a one to put a v-8 in a small car to have big gains of power (healey).