Charles Darwin

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World History

  • Introduction

“A Man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” (Charles Darwin). Darwin was a man of many talents and many discoveries. He was the first two discover the theory of evolution. He was also very curious into little things like plants and bugs. To this day he is a historical figure in science history.


  • Personal Background

Charles Robert Darwin was his real full name, Robert being his middle name. Born February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury England. According to Klappenbach he was the fourth child to be born, and was also the second son (Desmond). His father was Robert W. Darwin and his mother was Susannah Wedgewood (Klappenbach). His father Robert Darwin was known for being a physician. His Grandfather Erasmus Darwin was a famous philosopher and also a naturalist. After his mother died when he was eight (Porter), his three older sisters cared for him (Desmond). He didn’t grow up poor or even in the middle class. His family was very wealthy and he grew up quite in comfort (Klappenbach). Before leaving for Edinburgh University at the age of 16 he attended Shrewsbury school form 1818-1825. He also got married to his cousin Emma Wedgewood in 1839 (Porter). He and Emma had ten kids but unfortunately only seven made it to an actual mature age (Porter). Darwin died a great man in April 1882(Houck).

  • Personal Traits


Darwin was not the best in school but he was an average student with his work. He always loved to wander and make observations of different objects (Houck). He also showed a lot of interest in collecting things but mostly beetles (Porter). People say he had an awkward movement with his hands. Also that he had no natural grace of movement (Desmond). But there was one thing that was wrong he displayed little interest in the field of medicine (Klappenbach). This wasn’t really a problem for him but for his dad. Since his dad was a physician he wanted Darwin to follow in his footsteps. But he was an explorer by heart and a biologist (Desmond). But the set back of being a biologist he could not stand the sight of blood (Klappenbach). The way he walked was very peculiar in a sort of swing action with his cane striking the ground as he went (Desmond). He had the desire to observe the natural world and ask questions about how it works (Klappenbach).

  • Obstacles

“It is cursed evil to any man to become as absorbed in any subject as I am in mine” (Darwin). Growing up Darwin had lots of obstacles that he faced. Some were internal but also external. He was real shy growing up and he appeared the least to his father (Desmond). His father really wanted him to study medicine because he wanted him to be a physician but he had little interest in that field (Klappenbach). He had poor health and he didn’t really like to care for his own personal likeness (Klappenbach). But he was always ill throughout his life. He had symptoms that were neurotic in native and occurred when there was any disruption in his lifestyle (Porter). Most of all his troubles started during his Beagle Voyage (Desmond).

  • Historical Significance

“ Ignorance m52571_evo_resources_resource_image_380_original.gifore frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science” (Darwin). Established that all species of life have descended overtime from a common ancestor. He was also the founder of the Theory of Evolution (Desmond). Natural selection was one of his scientific theories that he introduced how the result of evolution was. He noted the variations in shell shape among tortoises that inhabit different places of a habitat.Through 1831-1841 a ten-year period Darwin had did a lot which includes going on voyages and publishing books.1831 -1836 He went on an expedition on the H.M.S Beagle. Also in 1839 he published his book called “The Journal of a Naturalist.” Darwin in 1838 through 1841 had served as a secretary of the Geological society (Houck). In the middle of his secretary position in 1840 he published Zoology of the Beagle (Porter). He did a few other items about natural selection this including he co-authored a paper with Alfred Russell Wallace. In 1859 Darwin published a book “The Origin of a Species by means of Natural Selection.” (Houck) His 1859 book was praised and hated because it went against Biblical portrayal of creation, which offended a lot of religious people. He had a very curious mind which led him to make observations often which then also led him to ask many questions and to make different hypothesis (Klappenbach).

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