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Heinz Guderian was known for many things, such as him being one of the greatest German generals. He is known for being a tank specialist and his knowledge of how to attack with them. He later joined and became an inspector of motorized troops (Simkin). H is known for being Adolf Hitler's main general (Simkin). Heinz Guderian was known for being very serious and that he was a well disciplined kid because his dad was an officer in the army. He was known for taking over the second panzer division. The reason why they known him for that is because generals commanded the other two divisions whereas Guderian was only a colonel. He also was known for leading an attack on Poland and his rapid success created shock waves throughout the world (Simkin).

Personal Background:

Heinz Guderian was born on June 17th of 1888, in Kulm, Germany (Muth). He was educated in the military schools and in the military-academy of Danzig. When he was small the teacher always describe him as ‘always serious’ or ‘very serious’. Heinz Guderian was a military theorist and innovated general of the German army during the Second World War (Simkin). He was also the son of an army officer (Simkin) which meant he would grow up to be in the army just like his father, which he did as he grew up. When he was old enough he joined a light-infantry, which was commanded by his own father. He was a general during World War II. He joined the German army and was a commissioned in the jaegers in 1908 where he became a communications specialist according to (Simkin). He also specialized in tank tactics, which helped him win wars in the future. He studied in many different types of languages, which later help him translate to other officers (Muth). The languages that he learned were English and French. He spoke those two languages fluently (Muth). Heinz fell in love with Margarete Goerne, but his father thought he was too young to marry and sent Heinz for a special instruction to Telegraphen- Battalion (Muth). After he was done he came back and married Margarete and they had two kids (Muth). His two kids fought in the second war when they were older. He was one of Hitler’s main generals and he never disappointed him. He fought in many different wars and was later on awarded the Iron Cross second and first. He was captured by the U.S in May of 1945 but wasn’t put on trial and was released in 1948. Heinz published his reminiseces and some of his works and articles later on. He died on May 14th of 1954.

Personality Traits:

Heniz Guderian was a very trustworthy guy and that’s what people thought of him. He was one of Hitler’s main generals so that meant that Hilter had a lot of trust in Guderian. Heniz was also a hard working person. He was a hard working person because he had to earn his spot as a general and he did. He joined the radio company of a telegraph battalion and worked there from October 1912 to September 1913. After that he got his general staff training and went off to go train and he did. Heniz Guderian was very smart as well. According to (Muth) he learned English and French. He also translated those languages to other generals or captains (Muth). Heniz was a hard working guy who was trustworthy and he was very smart.


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Heinz Guderian faced many obstacles to get to the point where he was in authority. One obstacle that he faced was when he got assigned to the intelligence department of the army and he stayed there until the whole war was over. Guderian had to take many tests to show if he knew his tactics. One of the tests he took was called “Sedan Course,” where he showed his ability for solving tactical problems and he impressed his instructors (Muth). After he got the ok to go to war, Hitler launched an attack on Poland in 1939 and Heinz used his theories as he commanded a Panzer corps in the assault. He secured the Eastern front by doing that. Guderian didn’t just go through obstacles, he had to go through failure as well. He didn’t listen to Hitler when he told him to attack the Russians, what he insisted in was a gradual retreat would work. When Heinz didn’t complete his tasks in the war with Russia, Hitler forced him to retire and he did.

Historical Significance:

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Heinz Guderian has made an impact in history. What he did was that he had a method to attack other enemies, which change the German way of new strategies of attacking. He knew strategies mostly with tanks because he studied in tactics for motorized transport units. He wrote articles about armored and motorized warfare and helped with technical problems when the first tanks were built (Muth). Heinz had a very good relationship with Hitler which he helped he attack Austria and what is now know as Czechoslovakia. Heinz got promoted to a full general when he raided those two countries. Later on Heinz got his most important assignment, which well may changed history, which meant he became Chef Der Schnellen Truppen (Muth). He invaded Poland, Guderian was in command of the XIX Army-Corps and as awarded the Iron Cross second and first class, followed by the Knights Cross. He made history by winning the war with Poland. Heinz also disobeyed orders by making soldiers behead the French soldiers during the battle against the French. He formed good relationships with other generals, which made him become popular at that time, and people became to recognize him. Heinz took part in World War I where he led the wireless staff which he used his strategies to help protect the infantrymen and provided for a quick victory. Hitler put him in charge of Panzer army, which he led during World War II. Heinz as outraged when Hitler planned a war on Russia but later on numerous victories against Russia. Later on he moved to the south and he faced defeat against the Russians because of the harsh weather they had which caused the Germans to lose the war. That had a huge impact on history because later on Germany surrendered. At the end of the war Heinz was captured by the Americans and was held in jail until he was released in his 60th birthday. He wrote a book, which later became the best top seller in 1952 and the book is still alive till this day. So Heinz has done a lot to change the way in history. He did a lot in World War I and in World War II that has made the world today.


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