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In not so long ago a man stood with great passionate of his own success. That man was named Isaac Newton, a man with great knowledge and Curiosity. It all began when Isaac Newton was sitting under a tree sleeping, but something hit hiGodfreyKneller-IsaacNewton-1689.jpgm on the head. It was a bright shiny red apple. The curiosity ran through Isaac’s thick head about how the apple fell and hit his head so hard. Now the adventure begins with Isaac Newton and how his Theory affected our lives today.

Personal Background

Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 and died on March 31, 1727.Isaac Newton’s father, Isaac Newton Van Nuys, lived from November 20, 1836 till February 12, 1912. Isaac Newton’s mom, Hannah Ayscough, lived from January 4, 1643 till March 31, 1727. Isaac Newton was raised in Woolsthorpe, Lincolnshire on Christmas Day. Isaac’s father died 3 months afterward. “When Isaac was three, his mother married a wealthy clergyman from the next village and went to live there, leaving Isaac behind with his grandmother” (Weisstein). Isaac’s mother husband died, and Isaac’s Mother came back with three children with her. “Two years later, Newton went away to school to Grantham, where he lodged with the local apothecary and was fascinated by the chemicals” (Weisstein). Isaac’s plan was that whenNewton apple.png he was seventeen he would come home and looks after the farm, but soon he noticed he was a terrible farmer. “His mother’s brother, a clergyman who had been an undergraduate at Cambridge, persuaded his mother that it would be better for Isaac to go to university, so in 1661 he went to Trinity College, Cambridge.” (Koch). Newton sat in a room and was staring off into space thinking about the laws of motion. Isaac Newton soon realized he wasn't going to do any good at Cambridge. Newton decided to find a college and get his bachelor degree “In April 1667, Newton returned to Cambridge and, against still odds, was elected a minor fellow at Trinity. Success followed good fortune” (Koch). In 1678, Newton had an emotional breakdown, in the following of his mother’s death. After a wrote a book about “Fitzwilliam Notebook” and another book called “Trinity Notebook”. Which begins with a series of notes of Aristotle and other resources from other great scientist. Newton was inspired by the books that his Father had kept for Newton. “Newton’s intellectual activity as an undergraduate were almost entirely extra-curricular.”(Koch). “ Unfortunately, no such personal material survives – if it ever existed- from the later, more public phase of Newton’s career".(Weisstein).

Personality Traits

Newton never showed any aggression in his childhood. “Newton admits having beaten his sister and others, as well as having threatened his parents to burn the house down” (Weisstein). Later inIsaac_Newton_Labratory_Fire.jpg life, his aggression must have eased him. Newton was reported for having really unpleasant behavior as a adult. “Newton had suffered at least two mental break downs during his life” (Koch). One of his mental breaks was I 1678, after an intense argument with Robert Hooke and about one year his mother died. The second mental breakdown was on 1693 he had a loss appetite and paranoid delusions that made him send disturbing messages to friends. Once Isaac was cured, he went to all the people who he sent horrific messages to, and apologize one of them. “ Newton was a hard determined man with great passion with physic and everything around him, and how he would give up most of his dinner and lunch just to study, and learn more about gravitation” (Koch).


Isaac Newton forced many obstacles in life. Isaac Newton was a bipolar person, and had no control over it. Newton sent mail to his fellow friends saying disrespectful things about them. Newton had many problems on standing up and concentrating on his work. “Newton has many breakdowns and feels really threatened when someone disagreed with him” (Koch). There was a threat of a plague at his Cambridge school where every student could not go to college anymore, and could not get his scholarship. Newton criticized everyone. He had a harsh time with his daily life ever since his mother died. Newton’s mother helped Isaac become motivated, without her it becomes harder for him to focus. “Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that Newton's defensive secretiveness makes it extremely difficult to form a full and balanced assessment of his character” (Weisstein). “Whatever the reasons, the fact remains that Newton's defensive secretiveness makes it extremely difficult to form a full and balanced assessment of his character” (Weisstein).

Newton Globe.gif

Historical Significance

The historical significance of Isaac Newton was born at 1642, the year of Galileo’s death. Newton three main subjects are mathematics, physic, and optic. Newton had started to have interest in physic when a bright apple fell on top of his head at Cambridge University. At the University of Cambridge it had a plague so Newton had to stay home and locked himself up and self study. “Newton study had to self study complex mathematics, physics, and optic” (Koch). Newton used his mathematics by using the angles of the crystal prism to review the lights. “Discover white light is actually spectrum of color with the help of a crystal prism” (Weisstein). He started to write a book called “Principsir-isaac-newton-color-wheel.jpgia” (Koch). He tried to publish his book. The book is all about the gravitational of how the Sun is the center of everything, and the Earth is always rotating the sun. The moon is always rotating the Earth, and how I tells us how we know when its day and when it is night time. He used Galileo’s invention the telescope which helped him seek out Newton discovery. His optic us also using the mathematics with it, he used the prism to solve out that the figure of light. He built a microscope to seek the light, but when the sun hit the crystal prism, and will make a multiple color. “He formulated an empirical law of cooling, studied the speed of sound, and introduced the notion of a Newtonian fluid” (Weisstein). The historical significance of Isaac Newton helps us in our life and explaining about the Gravitation about the Earth, and how it affected us, but mostly on the Church and their beliefs. Newton historical significance has help on our further on life, and helps our society that Gravity is always pushing down, but in out in our atmosphere there is no gravity at all.

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