Some said Kennedy was too young to be president, but he proved them all wrong wit his ambi
tious attitude. Kennedy was very determined to be the very best, he was different, and he saw things in people that no one would see. He wanted to change the world and wanted peace too, he saw everyone the same and never looked above people. That's why he is one of the most recognized presidents.

Personal Background

John was born into a big family on May 29, 1917. He was born in Brookeline Massachusetts. He was the second son out of 9 children. His dad was a multimillioaire bussiness executive and financier. The Kennedy's were a wealthy family with history of political and public serves. John was often sick during his his childhood. Kennedy enrolled in Princeton University in 1935 but his illness soon forced him to withdraw. In A
pril 1941 he tired to join the U.S army but he was rejected foimages-3.jpgr physical reasons. Months later he was accepted by the U.S army. In September 12, 1953 he married Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Their first child was Carol
ine Kennedy was born on November 27, 1957. When John was forty they had a son named John Kennedy Jr was born on November 25, 1960. When Kennedy was forty-three, they had a son name Patrick Bouvier but he died after birth.

Personality Traits

"He was always determined to get the job done" (Manchester). John F. Kennedy manged to secure such achievem
ents he had to face (Manchester). John was always determined to be the very best and nimages-1.jpgever quite, he had so much belief "(Shmoop Editorial Team). Before he was president he served in the navy,he recieved the "purple heart", Navy, and Marine corps medals (Kelly). "He had a lively, neat fashion"(Dolasia). John always stressed abbout what he had to be done,but throught he managed to keep going (Dolasia). He was very high competitive during all these elections as all candidates running(Parment). "John always put his heart and soul into what he did" (Kelly). Some say that his best quality would be curiosity and his worst would be irritability(DeGregorio). John never felt like he was second best he always believed in himself, never los
t doubt.


The obstacles Mr.Kennedy faced were when he was in WW1. "He showed bravery and leadership when a Japanese warship destroyed the boat"(Dolasia). John saved 9 men still alive and swam to the nearest 4 mile island. HIs brother died in the war, so that means Kennedy took the responsibility. Kennedy didn't want to "disappoint his family"; he never lost an election (Manchester)."He ran for congress in 1946 he was only the age of 29 when he did all of this(Manchester)." "People always put thoughts in his head that he was too young to run for predident, but he didnt let that discourage him, he was very determined to prove them wrong (Shmoop Editorial Team).

Historical Significance

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