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Born during a fierce lightning storm on July 10, 1856, Nikola Tesla came to the world with brilliant ideas, such as the idea of smartphone-like devices. Nikola Tesla is often seen as an enemy of Thomas Edison was, however, never a sworn enemy. Tesla had not only brilliant ideas but a memory to back them up; he had a photographic memory. Tesla's life was filled with misery and problems.

Personal Background

Nikola Tesla was born in a lightning storm in Croatia, on July 10, 1856. His birth was considered a bad omen. however, his parents said he would "bring light not darkness" (Jacobson). He was the fourth of five children of the Tesla family. Tesla's father was an orthodox priest and his mother was a appliance worker. It is said that his inventive skills started with turbines and motors at home (Palmer). He began to study electrical engineering at the age of 19 at Graz. After coming back home, Tesla contracted cholera, becoming very ill and coming near death several of times. While he was ill he miraculously survived and studied more. Tesla worked as a telegraph worker later on his life. He was capable of memorizing things in an instant and do great calculations in his head often getting him suspicion while I'm his studies. Later in his life Tesla headed to New York in 1884, where he would soon work for his "enemy" Thomas Edison. Although they are often talked of as sworn enemies, when Tesla's laboratory burned down Eddison provided him with a place to work. They both were opposites on the current wars. After his success in the current wars however Nikola Tesla died a silent death, penniless in a hotel in a hotel in New York at age 86. Nikola Tesla fell to coronary Thrombosis in 1943.

thateyeofstuffandtesla.jpgPersonality Traits

Nikola Tesla was often seen as a "funny guy" by his friends, he is said to have "scared the poop out of Mark Twain" with his frequency oscillator (Jacobson). Tesla is said to have an odd dislike or fear of pearls. When his secretary wore a pearl necklace to work he sent her home immediately. He's also said to be an extremely clean person, afraid of germs and getting dirty, this is believed to be because of his early near death encounter with disease(Jacobson). Tesla was extremely smart and became frustrated when he surpassed all his peers in school. He often stayed nights without sleep to study and work(King).


Although Tesla was privileged he suffered through several obstacles. He set off to new York without any money, only carrying a recommendation letter. When he began work and school, he often didn't sleep. He surrounded himself in school work and his habit of studying for long times and working hard was slowly withering him (King). Tesla fell ill with cholera being bed ridden and weak for days. He in his sickened state came very close to death (Jacobson) Even with his work , he was in financial trouble. His work could not lead him to profit (Newhall). Tesla also struggled with his work, he was often stumped, in one instance Tesla's lab burned down, and he was left with no way to work until offered work from Eddison. Tesla was often not given credit for his work and was to work with Edison his future rival.

teslasshinythingandstuff.jpgHistorical Significance

Nikola Tesla's work lead to great advancements in the technological field of work. Tesla's main work involved alternating currents. The war of the currents led by Edison and Tesla to discuss which was he better way to transfer electricity, Edison believed DC (direct current) was the best current to use. They disputed over whether Tesla's current was safe to use,which Tesla proved with his coil,and if Edison's current was efficient and cheap. Edison's current required things to be near the power plant,while Tesla's allowed for more spacing. Tesla's research help bring about modern x-rays before Roentgen, his ideas of how the universe functioned led him to figure out many things. Tesla also creator of the radio, although, another person got credit for the invention due to Tesla not getting his invention patent. Tesla is also the inventor of the electric motor, now popularized by a car company bearing his name. Tesla's early invention of rotating magnetic fields succumbed to the economic crisis. Tesla's work also helped the development of everyday objects like the remote control and the modern phones. One of Tesla's most famous intentions, his Tesla Coil, used to produce very high voltages, creates sparks and is extremely flashy. Nowadays it's mainly used for entertainment. Tesla's fight for AC are what brought moder power to what it is today. Tesla heavily contributed and created things like the remote control, and wireless communication, he believed in using the natural forces of our universe to transmit data.