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Abraham Lincoln

Introduction :

Abraham Lincoln was one of our nation’s greatest presidents, possibly the greatest. He is known for his spectacular personality, and his many accomplishments. He was so important that even his birthplace is a historical place where people can go and visit. He was born with many obstacles to overcome, coming from a farming family, from his humble origins, he built himself to the top. Abraham Lincoln is truly a great man and one to learn from through his experiences, quotes, and just the way he is.

Personal Background :

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Abraham Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 southeast of Hardin County in Kentucky in a small log cabin.(Kelly) His family lived in Virginia before he was born and his father ran a small farm called the “Sinking Spring”.(The History Place) His parent’s names were Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln was the second born out of 3 children. He had one elder sister named Sarah and a younger brother Thomas who died in infancy but he was born 3 years after Abraham. (Kelly)
In 1815, Lincoln started attending school in a log cabin schoolhouse. The Lincoln family moved twice before landing in Spencer County, Indiana. In 1818, a horrible experience happens to Abraham Lincoln. He loses his mother at the age of nine due to milk sickness. (The History Place) He dropped out of school to be able to support the family due to his mother dying. Abraham almost suffered a near death experience getting kicked in the head by a horse putting him in a life-threatening coma. He soon recovered from it. (The History Place)
In 1819, His father remarried a widow by the name of Sarah Bush Johnson and Abraham developed a very positive relationship with her and her 3 children. His father remarrying helped ease the sudden death of his mother for Lincoln. (Kelly)
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In 1832, Lincoln became the candidate for the Illinois Legislature. He was a very known candidate without even having a formal education or much wealth. He did lose the election, coming out eighth out of 13 candidates. In 1834, Lincoln finally started in studying politics to start his journey to become President of the United States of America. He ran again for the Illinois General Assembly as a member of the Whig party, which he served 4 terms until 1842. He began teaching himself law during these terms. 1837, Abraham passed the bar exams and became a lawyer, and soon after he moved to Springfield, the capital of Illinois and became the law partner of John Todd Stuart, the Whig leader of the county. (Martin, Kelly)
In 1842, Abraham Lincoln married his sweetheart Mary Todd and they have their first kid, Robert Todd in 1843. In 1846, their second son is born with the name of Edward Baker. (The History Place) In 1849, Lincoln is admitted to practice in the Supreme Court and reads his amendment to congress about abolishing slavery in the District of Columbia. He never formally introduced it due to his co-workers backing out on him. In 1850, Edward baker dies after an illness of 52 days and in the very same year, their 3rd son is born. (The History Place) His name is William Wallace. In 1851, Lincoln’s father Thomas Lincoln dies in Coles County. (The History Place)
Due to the many events from 1851 to 1861, Abraham Lincoln becomes inaugurated as the 16th president of the United States. In 1864, Lincoln becomes reelected easily defeating his democratic opponent. In 1865, Abraham Lincoln is shot point blank by actor John Wilkes Booth. Lincoln dies at 7:22 am. (Martin, Kelly)

Personality Traits :

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A quote that can describe the type of person that Abraham Lincoln was is “His conscience was the strongest element of his nature. His affections were tender & warm. His whole nature was simple and sincere – he was pure, and then was himself.” By J.T Duryea of the U.S Christian Commission, a very close companion to Abe. This quote says that Abraham Lincoln was patient and never a bad person, always thinking for the better and being fair. (The Lincoln Institute) His Honesty was also a great trait that Abraham Lincoln had that even gave him the nickname “Honest Abe”. Many scholars, teachers and students alike look at Abraham’s traits to be as great as his accomplishments throughout his life. He was a very hardworking man. No matter the audience or the outcome, he spoke to his heart’s content on what he believed in. (HRF) Abraham was a man who never gave up no matter what the odds were against him. He kept working till he reached success and even work even harder when he reached the top. (HRF) New Salem resident Caleb Carman said “He was liked by every person who knew him.” Wherever Abe went, He made an impact on lives he entered during his lifetime. He was a well respectful man and he was loved by many due to his personality. Abraham Lincoln , known for his accomplishments as one of our greatest Presidents and for his remarkable personality.

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Obstacles :

Abraham Lincoln faced many great struggles in his life in order to become the inspirational man he was. In 1816, at the age of seven, Abraham had to drop out of school to help his father support his family due to losing his home. Then In 1818, Abraham suffered from a life threatening hit from a horse to the head and also lost his mother that same year (History Place). Abraham also lost his sister in 1828. In 1832, he ran for state legislature and he lost and also lost his job the same year because he decided to go to law school but didn’t get in (Caclub). In 1835, His beloved fiancée dies and Abraham was filled with grief, And In the very next year, he had a nervous breakdown and was bedridden. In 1842, Abraham Lincoln married his fiancée Mary Todd but had 4 kids but only one of them survived to live to maturity. (The History Place). He lost when he ran for congress in 1842. He then won in 1846 but ended losing again in 1848. (History Place). He lost when he ran for the Senate twice, once in 1854 and 1858. He also ran for vice president but got less than 100 votes in the year 1856. Abraham Lincoln becomes president of the United States and overcomes everything he’s been through. Abraham faced many grieving obstacles in his life, and suffered many losses in his years of politics, a great man indeed.

Historical Significance:

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Abraham Lincoln was one of our most known presidents. Arguably, one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had due to all of his accomplishments. Abraham Lincoln made the decision to fight the Civil war in order to preserve his beloved country(Abraham Lincoln's Classroom). Even though it was his decision. Abraham prevailed being our president during the worst war this country has ever had which was with itself, The Civil War, killing more U.S citizens than all the wars the United States has ever been apart of combined. He is remembered mostly for his leadership during the war, keeping the Union strong and also beginning to end slavery in the United States(Norton). His character and the way he lead the country is what makes him such a great president. Not every candidate for president could’ve have handled the great toll of stress and every deed Lincoln did in the 4 years he was president. He was even our commander in chief, knowing nothing about militaexternal image Lincoln_Memorial_%28Lincoln_contrasty%29.jpgry strategy for the Civil war(Norton). Lincoln to proved to be very effective and strived for it’s country’s survival. He carried his citizens still believing him through huge losses of life in the war. He faced many assassination threats and arguments within his cabinet members. The Emancipation Proclamation only applied to territories under Lincoln’s control and after the war. The 13th Amendment was created and slaves were finally free in the United States, one of the main causes of the civil war. Lincoln is also known for the speeches he delivered during the time of crisis in his country. The most famous speech he’s delivered was the Gettysburg Address, one of the biggest battles in the civil war(Abraham Lincoln's Classroom). He stated that the area should be remembered for the soldiers who have lost their lives and that the alive should not let their deaths be in vain, and continue with the task to save the nation.

We also remember Lincoln for all the quotes, which many leaders of this nation today follow by. He demonstrated strength of character that no other president had other tan George Washington. His quotes are one of the famous in the world as even our president today, Barack Obama follows by(Norton). Abraham came from a not so wealthy family, and had many downfalls in his life. He put his heart out due to every tragedy in his life, from losing many members of his family and many losses in the campaign. He began learning politics at the age of 32 and even though he lost elections, he still won many. He came out on the very top, becoming one of the greatest presidents this country has ever had, and in many people’s eyes and even some that don’t know everything he’s done in his time of leadership, that he is our Nation’s Greatest President.


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