Anne Frank


During the years of Anne Frank’s life, 1929-1945, tragic things and good things happen to her and her family. Throughout these years, Hitler had taken over Germany. Having to be invaded by a bunch of soldiers was not very pleasant to Frank. The things below will explain what Frank had been through and how significant she was.

Personal Background

Anne Frank was born on June 12, 1929, in Frankfurt, Germany (Kellogg). Anne Frank lived in Amsterdam, during the WWII (Conradt). When Frank was growing up her family and friends would call her Annex (Porat). Frank had a sister named Margot, who was 3 years older than her. Her sister and she had gone to a Jewish school. Anne and her father were very close. Anne’s father, Otto was a business man, which meant he was hardly home (Martinez). On Anne’s 14th birthday, her parents gave her a diary to write in it when she felt sad. Her diary included her emotions, her dreams, and describes her first love(Porat). Every day she would always write in diary. Later on Family had moved to Netherlands, Amsterdam of 1933. She was so depressed (Kellogg).

Personality Traits

Around people, Frank always tried to be presentable to others. (Martinez) She was always so caring and kindhearted. People would say that she want to put others before herself. (Porat) During the time of Hitler invading Germany, if any Jews were out the soldiers would execute them. Even though the Jews were not wanted, for whatever reason, Frank was always proud of being a Jew. (Conradt) Behind the friendliness personality that she had, Frank very curious. She loved to wander around and explore new things in life. (Kellogg) When Anne would discover new things, if she had mixed emotions, or if she angry, she would love to write those things in her diary. Even things that happened to her and nobody understood. (Conradt) Overall Anne was very Talkative. She would even talk at school no matter if she got in trouble. “Mr. Keptor, the old math master, was very annoyed with me for a long time because I chatter so much”, said Anne in her diary (Martinez). At least, Frank was never a boring person, since she always had something to say.


Auschwitz.jpgDuring the WWII, Frank and her family had a lot of obstacles. After Otto Frank heard that soldiers invaded their neighbor’s house and executed them, he decided that he would leave to Amsterdam with his family. To Frank, it was hard because she had to leave behind all of her childhood memories (Martinez). Having to know that you are somewhat being ruled by someone who hates Jews, not to mention Hitler, as well, was a Jew, is pretty difficult (Conradt). The Franks had been in hiding for 2 years because they were threatened to be killed (Porat). After being caught from the soldiers, they were placed in a wagon for several days without eating or drinking (McNarnara). When boarding off the wagon, Frank witnessed something she would never forget. Her grandmother was ordered to take off her wedding ring and she refused too. For that matter, a soldier just happened to cut off her finger (Thomas). When entering the concentration camps, Anne and her parents had been separated from each other (Porat). Anne Frank was terrified by Hitler and his soldiers but that didn’t stop her from having hope. “I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains” (Kellogg).

Historical Significance

Anne Frank was a big impact to the world. Not only was she a Jew from WWI, she was a 13 year old girl. After getting her diary for her 13th birthday, Frank wanted to write the tragic stuff as well as the amazing stuff. (Thomas) She was incredibly strong emotionally and physically during horrible times. With concentration camps, deaths and many other threats, Frank had kept her hopes up. (Kellogg) For her family, it was nearly impossible for them to think that things would get any better just worse. Frank wrote and wrote in her diary, which relieved the bad tention in her towards Hitler and just had a positive mind. (McNarnara) One of the main reasons why she is so important today is because she never gave up. Even after being captured by soldiers or being sent to concentration camps, Frank never even thought of giving up. With Hitler being a threat to the Jews, Frank was demanded to fight for her freedom, as she wrote in her diary. "People can tell you to keep your mouth shut, but that doesn't stop you from having your own opinion." (Porat) Anne Frank was never afraid of speaking up. This shows people today that no matter if u are in a crisis or if your even dieing so should never give up!


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