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''Baseball is and always will be the greatest sport in the world to me'' this quote was said by most iconic player in baseball history, George Herman Ruth Jr. Babe Ruth he was nicknamed was the most known baseball player in the 1900's. Now he is known for being a legend and slugger. Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland he lived in a rough neighborhood with his parents George Herman Ruth Sr. and his mother Katherine Schamberger who were both German American. At the age of 12 George soon started playing baseball. He soon fell in love with the sport and soon began playing at his school St. Mary. Babe Ruth will soon become a pro and be known for his outstanding performance in baseball.

Personal Background:

George Herman Ruth Jr. was born February 6, 1895 in a small town in Baltimore, Maryland. At a young age George and his parents end up moving in another part of the city. At the age of seven years old he began going to St. Mary's Industrial School For Boy's. He didn't really attend school and rather be on the streets and drink with his father. He did end up starting going to school more often and he went there for the next twelve years. Once George reached the age of twelve he became a shirtmaker and he was also proficient as a carpenter. As he got older he started playing baseball for St. Mary's. Baseball kept him out of trouble and it also kept him occupied. He was encouraged to play baseball by his athletic director. When he was at St. Mary's he played shortstop and thirdbase. This was unusual for him since he was a left-hander. They also just had mitts for righ-handers there at St. Mary's. George soon become known for the sport. He gained stardom for being a good pitcher at St. Mary's. George graduated from St. Mary's when he was eighteen in 1913 and become a pro by 1914.

In the early year of 1914 George was signed by a professional team by a man named Jack Dunn Jack Dunn was the owner and manager of the minor league Baltimore Orioles an international team. George first started spring training in the month of march. Spring training was held in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This is the farthest George would be away from home. Over there during Spring training George would receive his nick name ''Babe'. Babe Ruth first appearance as a pro baseball player was in March 7, 1914. George played baseball in the professionals for twenty-two years and would be known for many things as being a slugger and many other things. He will also receive multiple nick names. Today he now known for a iconic baseball player.

Personality Traits:

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Babe Ruth, one of the most recognizable baseball players in the 1900’s, was a very well trustworthy man. As a child he wasn’t really the kid who liked going to school. Most of the time he didn’t even bother going to school and he would rather be on the streets. As he grew older, George spent most of the time on the streets getting in trouble and drinking alcohol. During his high school years he fell in love with baseball. At St. Mary’s high school he soon began to start staying more focused in school and was off the streets more often. Everyday Ruth began playing and practicing more and more of baseball. Also in high school he really admired this man named Brother Matthias who was well respected for his strength and his fairness. “I think I was born a hitter the first day I ever saw him hit’’(Ruth). Having this influence changed him. He would now occur masses at his church at his Catholic church. While Ruth graduated high school at St. Mary’s, he was recognized as being a great baseball player at St. Mary’s and this would be carried on his career.


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Image result for babe ruth

Babe Ruth had to face many things in his life to get were he was as a professional baseball player. He has to go through many things in his life to become a pro. As a young child Babe Ruth was put into an orphanage during his first years at St. Mary’s. At the age of 7, the Trouble-making Ruth Became too much of a handful and was always caught wandering the dockyards, drinking, chewing tobacco and taunting police officers (Biography). Also as a child most of his siblings died and this was hard for him to face since it was only him and his sister Mamie. Since he was put into a orphanage at a young age he didn’t really experience love from his parents. At St Mary’s it was like a prison for Ruth, there was walls that surrounded the orphanage with guards always around. Being kept there at a very young age, Brother Mathias was a very great influence in his life(Ruth). Following his foot steps did eventually lead him to the love of baseball and it kept him loving the sport as well because of him.

Historical Significance:

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Image result for babe ruth
Babe Ruth the most iconic player in baseball history is one of the greatest sluggers of all time. He has a great impact in today in how baseball is know played. As he got drafted to the Boston Red Sox’s he could have been the best left-hander pitcher that ever lived, but instead he moved onto the outfield and he became one of the best sluggers that’s ever lived. Babe Ruth started a rough life as a child, but he soon became a great baseball player that every one knows and loves today. When he first went to the big leagues, he lead the Red Sox’s on winning two world series.After a season or two, they traded him to the New York Yankees and that impacted the world today. Today the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox’s are baseball biggest rivals due to the trading of Babe Ruth. Every time they always play there is all ways fights or even riots and this mostly occurs during the play off when things get really serious. As Babe Ruth played the sport he loved it brought many of peoples attention to watch the sport. Babe Ruth changed the way of how people seen how baseball was seen by other people. One of the most famous quotes said by Babe Ruth is ‘’Baseball was, is and always will be to me the best game in the world’’ (Ruth).

After a few seasons of people watching Babe Ruth great talent in baseball, many people around the world trying bringing baseball to their country. Back then their wasn’t that much baseball teams and colored people weren’t allowed to play in the big leagues. Babe changed that by helping the youth with baseball and that encouraged people around the world to play the sport. As his talents brought many people attention considered as a machine due to how well his batting was. Babe natural talents made people question how his hitting was so good. All he said was that he always practices and never gives up, ‘’It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up’’ (Ruth). By saying this also encouraged the people to travel to the U.S and make them try out for the big leagues. After his last seasons as a pro baseball player, many people felt different without him playing but still respected him and his talent at baseball. He truly did change the world on how they see and play baseball.


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